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DOOR creates flexible, transparent and efficient working conditions by connecting data of different software. Thereby, it creates a workspace which is not bound to time or place. The software connects and harmonizes all business relevant data. It is subdivided into the features project management, scientific experts, key performance indicators, product launch/market analysis tools and NIS-management. The software can be customized to business and costumer needs.



The feature project management comprises three areas: Projects, evaluation and dashboard. The organization unit provides an annual planning, as part of the service tool. Further it provides an individual annual and budget plan for every employee.

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To generate a high quality analyses the projects and accounts are split into features:

  • Employees can define operative projects/accounts and related actions as part of their annual planning. All planned projects are comprehensibly updated in the system. Thus, the newest planning overview is available prior to the overview provided by the CRM or ERP system.
  • The calculated budget is split into product, indication, tool, and according to their affiliation: clinic or primary care
  • Every organizational unit can connect different projects
  • Projects can use targeting and segmenting.
  • Projects can be evaluated
  • Projects can be assigned to account doctors
  • Project specific documents can be management

For every organizational unit the visual presentation of all data points is fully automated and up to date.


Two evaluations can be conducted by accessing the management unit:

  • Budged management: graphically displayed by charts and diagrams
  • Budged allocation for the primary care or clinical sector


A graphical presentation of projects and actions is offered as dashboard option. This option allows defined criteria to be displayed by charts and diagrams.


The scientific experts are managed by the medical liaison managers. The medical liaison managers administer the presentation of the scientific experts within the software.

The treatment of scientific experts is ensured by connecting all employees. This software tool features two areas: Scientific experts as distinct accounts and scientific experts – the dashboard.

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Scientific experts as special accounts

The relevant data of the scientific experts are added to the software and specific actions are determined.

The actions offer features with different evaluation scenarios and ensure the automatic creation of an internationally required report.


Scientific Experts – dashboard

Dependent on the chosen dashboard function relevant aspects are graphically displayed using charts and diagrams.



For each organizational unit the KPI’s are defined, presented and monitored. They are subdivided into three areas:

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KPI – regional management

This feature provides the basis for a quarterly appraisal talk held by the leader of the sales representatives and regional management. The number of actions per KPI-project and their status define a score, which is quarterly assessed by comparing it against a target score.

KPI – Business Relationship Manager

This feature provides the basis for a quarterly appraisal talk held by the regional leadership and the BRM. The number of actions per KPI-BRM-project and their status are defining a score, which is quarterly assessed by comparing it against to a target score.

KPI Launch Board

The launch board is subdivided into the following subject areas which are used as criteria

  • medical expertise
  • costumer management
  • regional controlling

The different criteria are assessed separately by the regional and the sales manager. The assessment scale reaches from poor ☹ to excellent 😉. The results are pooled for the regional and sales unit. They present the self-reported assessment of the sales representatives.


Product launch

The module product launch is used by sales representatives who add data relating to institutional usage behavior. This expertise is pooled on the unit of sales representatives regional and sales managers. By representing the combined expertise, it provides an immediate, proficient and current market overview.

Non interventional studies (NIS management)

The NIS management assures a continues and complete tracking of a study. The software captures all data and presents it clearly and accessible in the dashboard. All relevant information is continuously gathered, i.e., the creation of the study in the system, the automatic supply of internal (CRM) and external data and the completion of the medical folders.