The idea behind DOOR

“Our goal is to develop the perfect solution to your problem. We ensure the highest quality at the lowest costs by constant optimisation of the control loop.”

Joachim Praceus, CEO DOOR Ltd


DOOR Ltd is a consulting and software company which has longstanding expertise in leading national and international projects of corporate groups and small businesses. This allows us to serve you optimally customized solutions.

In 1992 the computer scientist Joachim Praceus and his former business partner Dirk Jäger founded the Praceus & Jäger Informatik and DOOR Ltd in 2008. Joachim Praceus has been managing director and sole shareholder since 2010.

DOOR Ltd understands customers needs and adapts to them. DOOR’s expertise in administration, sales planning and sales, material management, production, controlling and accounting, allows us to successfully manage complex projects, on different scales.




To our team belong system analysts and software engineers with longstanding experience in the pharmaceutical industry. We offer consultancy for the software DOOR.